Hi, I’m a shitty writer. Anyways, here I’ve come up with titles for books and novels I’ll eventually get to writing...

Tall Dark and Handsome? More like Short, Tan and Aight Looking.

Don’t Hire A Graphic Designer Just Use Microsoft Word

Karate Baking While On Peyote

Charlie Brown’s Percocet Prescription Runs Out

112 Ways To Blame Your Fart On The Dog

Spaghetti Fort

The Stranger And The Glory Hole

Ignoring Your Spouse On Vacation

The Forsaken War Between Robots And Wizard Cats

WTF Is In Prunes? Seriously.

“That’s What” An Autobiography Said By She

Unicorn Butthole Car Rides

Collection Of Snapchat Booty Pics: A Modern Romance

Black Adidas Track Suit: A Basic Girl’s Memoir

Plumber Butt, Plumber, Plumber, Plumber Butt.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Secret Second Life

The Unfuckwittable Motherfucker From The Fucking Fuckitty Fuck World

The Adventures Of Chorizo: A Lonely Suburban House Wive’s Latin Lover. Volumes 1-69

Is The Moon Really Made Of Cheese? NASA Investigates

Introducing Your White Friends To Cooking With Spices

One Big Room Full Of Fat Pigeons

My Lunch Date With Macho Man Randy Savage 

Boiling Water For The First Time

Books Are Obsolete It’s All About PDF’s

1000 Names For Cats

The Economic Influx And Downfall Of Beanie Babies

The Bible Part 2: A Sexy Sequel

Possible Names Your Dog Has Given You

Ten Basic Steps To A Successful Netflix n’ Chill

Full Proof Excuses To Getting You Out Of Jury Duty

Did I Swallow My Gum Or Did I Throw It Away?

Fingers, Do They Ever Fing?

Dental Reconstructive Surgery At Home

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Counting To Ten For The First Time

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Counting Backwards From Ten For The First Time

Cheap, Easy And Effective Ways To Suburban Bird Watching On Edibles

I Love You, But My Twelve Cats Come Before You

Underground Mole Man On Mushrooms

The Workaholic Duck

Booty Sweat: Weekend Aerobics

Lord Of The Cock Rings

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Drug Years

Thanksgiving Dinner Without Stuffing

When The Third Molly Finally Hits You

Edgar Allan Poe Goes To Therapy

Reasons Your Children Lead You To The Bottle

Lil’ Red n’ Da Hood

I Masturbated Once, And Now I Wear Glasses

Items To Never Buy From Amazon While Drunk